Hotkeys and SmartCasting

In case you haven’t noticed trying to cast spells by clicking your skill and then left clicking can be the difference between life or death. Often times an extra half a second could mean you winning, or not winning a trade. Here I’ll go through the basics of smart casting, range indicators and how to bind new hotkeys.

Smart Casting, also known as quick casting, has a very simple setup but very powerful functionality.

quickcast menu

The above picture shows the simple way to activate smartcast on all your items and spell slots. Click the lightning bolt below a letter/number in order to activate smartcast for it’s respective slot.

Now that you know how to turn it on let’s go over why you would:
Pros of smartcasting:

  • Quicker damage output
  • Faster escape/engage due to less keys needing to be pressed
  • Easier to react to ganks
  • Easier to kite with on mobility spells

Cons of smartcasting:

  • If it’s your first time on a champion you don’t know the skill ranges well
  • Sometimes smartcast can make you lazy in aiming and waiting for the right shot

Smart cast is almost essential on many champions in order to use your spell rotation in the most efficient manor (and save yourself from death). There is also an easy way to combat the cons of smartcasting: Range indicators.

Range indicators work off of your key press. Meaning that when you hold the key down rather the range indicator will show up rather than your skill automatically firing. After you lift the key the spell will fire. Using range indicators enables you to have the best of both words by enabling smartcast as well as allowing you to see range indicators. Just keep in mind that you cannot cancel your spell and clicking the key using range indicators, the only way to be able to cancel a spell after clicking is if you’re using regular cast. To turn on range indicators click the box as designated in the picture below


By pressing escape you can access all the hotkeys available in game. Check them all out and see which ones suit you best. I’d recommend turning on the time stamps in chat. Try and find the time stamp box in your menu and turn them on. They become very useful once you start timing objectives.


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