Basics of turrets/towers

Hey so here’s just a quick bullet list of some things you should know about turrets in the game!

  • The fountain turret will ignore any revival items and resistances. It deals a flat 1,000 health every .5 seconds.
  • Opposing turrets will attack you if you are in turret range and have no surrounding minions -or- you DEAL DAMAGE to an opposing enemy while you are BOTH in the turret range.
  • Opposing turrets will continue attacking you until either you die, you leave turret range, or you become untargetable due to spell or item.
  • A turrets priority in targeting when no one has dealt damage to it’s ally is as follows:
    – The nearest trap (ex. shaco box, Zyra plant)
    – The nearest pet (ex. Annie’s bear Tibbers)
    – The nearest Siege/Cannon minion
    – The nearest Melee minion
    – The nearest Caster minion
    – The nearest champion
  • Inhibitor and Nexus turrets heal 15 health per 5 seconds. Note this is still quite slow. So trying to drag out a game by sitting under turret while the enemy team is attacking it won’t last you long
  • An inner turret is invulnerable and untargetable (can’t be attacked or take damage) until it’s respective inner turret is destroyed. Nexus turrets cannot be attacked unless at least 1 inhibitor is destroyed from any lane
  • Turrets deal 70% damage to siege and super minions
  • Turrets first attacks deal 105% damage on their first attack – this can stack up to a cap of 225% and will not lose it’s stacks unless it attacks a minion/monster/pet/trap/etc.
  • Turrets have true sight; they can see any invisible unit up to a 1095 range. This includes invisible champions, wards, traps, etc.

Here’s a little chart for turret HP and AD. Some values are estimated. All turrets before the nexus have a range of approx. 775.  The fountain has a range of Approx. 1000.

turret stats


**Disclaimer: For the original, expanded chart (and more expanded information) refer here . I only put here what I knew and felt was important for basic understanding. If you want to read up all the extended facts click the link. **


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