Basics of Gameplay

Alright so we’re going to take this from the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start. So here we go.

Moving about the map

If you’ve looked at the map before you can tell that there’s 3 different, what we call, lanes and all this random space around between the lanes. The three lanes are referred to as top, mid (for middle) and bot (for bottom). That random area in between is called the jungle where monsters spawn – but that’s for later.

If you’ve played before you know that getting around is pretty simple. Right click on ground to move, and right click on a champion or minion to auto attack it. Just as the name implies auto attacks are, well, automatic. They will target to whoever you click so if you hate aiming things you’ll probably want a champion based on solely auto attacks.

If you’re standing at fountain you can click the little shop located to the left of you by left clicking. Your left click will be used for casting spells, buying items and things that you would usually use a left click for.

Spells, casting and activate-able items 

If you’ve been in a game you’ve probably noticed you have 4 skills. These are specific to a champion’s kit. The skills are automatically bound to what we refer to as hotkeys. Your skills are bound to letters on your keyboard Q W E and R.  You can rebind these skills if you really want but I’d recommend at least for now that you leave them the same. There’s two different types of skills: Skill Shots and Targeted Abilities. Skills shots and targeted abilities are casted the same, however they have slightly different attributes.

Skills shots – Press the letter that the skill is bound to, aim your skill and then left click. Skill shots each have their own delays and ways of aiming. Each skill shot has a range indicator when you press it’s respective key, that way you can tell how it works and how it aims.

Skill shot example 1

Skill shot Example 2

Targeted abilities – These spells don’t require you to aim at all. When you click a spell a cross-hair-esque target will show up. There will be an outer circle that shows you the range you have to cast the spell. When the indicator turns red it means you are over a valid target to cast on, when it’s blue it means you are not on a valid target (See picture below)

Targeted Ex

Some items will have special actives that can be activated just like spells. Items are originally bound numbers 1-7,  with number 4 being a spot especially for a trinket (You’ll learn about those later). Some items active will be skill shots, some targeted and some just be automatically activated once you click the item. Check to see what each item does so you know whether or not you have to aim it.

Goal of the game and basic objectives

There are several different key goals of destruction on the map which we call objectives.  The main goal of the game is the destroy the other team’s Nexus located on the opposing side of the map. In your way stands 11 turrets, also referred to as towers, that deal massive damage. There’s 3 lanes in the game which will be explained later. Each lane has 3 turrets plus an inhibitor, plus there is 2 turrets guarding the Nexus. Note there is also a turret stronger than any other in game on the fountain (spawn area) of each team. Inhibitors deal no damage and once destroyed spawn ‘super minions’ for their respective lane. Which are much stronger than regular minions. There are also several other objectives located around the map, buffs, baron and dragon, that will be discussed later.

Your goal in the game is to do whatever it takes to take down towers and kill the opposing team’s Nexus, including farming, getting kills and taking objectives.

Fun Facts: Without any bonuses players start the game with 475 gold and passively gain 19 gold every 10 seconds


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