Win your lane

This is probably the most common type of “comp” you’ll see in solo queue. I put that in quotes because it really isn’t much of a comp. It mostly involves a bunch of champions who can win their lane hard and then use that for team fights. Rather than combining ultimates, you rely on your advantage from lane and your high damage output to just overwhelm the other team. It’s very straight forward, dominating and snowballing type of fight.


  • If everyone wins lane it’s easy to just win team fights
  • Should be easy to win your lane with early game bullies
  • Makes for short games if played perfectly


  • It’s almost impossible to make a comeback if you lose multiple lanes/get behind
  • Have to win in the early/ mid game before you fall off for late game
  • You need to know how/when to play aggressive
  • Relies largely on shutting down the opponent in lane


  • Top lane – Renekton, Riven, Lee Sin
  • Jungle –  Shaco, Vi, Lee Sin
  • Mid lane – LeBlanc,  Syndra, Lulu
  • ADC – Lucian, Draven, Caitlyn
  • Support – Zyra, Blitzcrank, Leona

For a safer approach you can try and throw in a late game top laner or adc in order to have some safety net in case something goes wrong in early game. It’s a good idea to still have an early game jungler/mid laner to help snowball the lanes.

Late game safety net champions:

  • Top Lane – Nasus, Jax
  • ADC – Vayne, Tristana

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