Split Push

This is, in my opinion, one of the more difficult comps to pull off successfully. It requires a lot of knowledge from one person and a larger amount of dependence from the rest of the team. The basic concept is that you have 1 person in a lane separate from the rest of the team attempting to solo take objectives. The nice part about the split push is that is forces the opposing team to make their rotations about the map perfectly. This means that the opposing team will either have to send someone to deal with the split pusher or make the call to team fight and take their own objectives faster than the opposing split pusher – a call which isn’t always so easy to make in solo queue.

The most important part of this comp is the split pusher. Usually the one who split pushes is the top laner and is a very strong duelist and/or has a way to escape.  As for the rest of the time, it is a good idea to have  a decent amount of disengage or high poke to keep the enemies off you in case of getting engaged upon.


  • Can confuse the enemy team
  • Can snowball off just 1 person doing well
  • The split pusher doesn’t have to win lane to contribute


  • Can end up being dependent on one person
  • Have to be able to deal with team fighting without one person
  • Can sometimes be hard to close out games


  • Top Lane (usually the lane to have the split pusher) – Tryndamere, Rengar, Shyvana, Jax

The rest of the team is very interchangeable. However, it’s not a bad idea to have a Lulu, Zyra or Janna for disengage. It’s a good point to keep in mind that just because the top laner is usually the split pusher that doesn’t mean he has to stay and push only top lane. A nice move with a split pusher, especially if they get very strong, is to have him/her push out bottom lane and draw the attention of one or more opponents. With the number advantage your team can take Baron or other objectives.


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