The poke comp is just as it name sounds and is rather straight forward. It involves champions with high range and mobility who can poke down the enemy team. The focus for this team comp is on tower siege and less team fighting. Perfectly executed the poke comp would be able to take towers by not allowing the opponents to engage on them. In order to discourage the opposing engagement it is very important to land all poke and take the enemies low before they can engage on you.


  • Doesn’t require a lot of team coordination
  • Relieves the need of many team fights
  • Often 1 large hitting skill shot can turn around fights


  • Doesn’t have a strong team fight if engaged upon
  • Usually squishy
  • Can’t do much but siege and protect


  • Top Lane – Jayce, Lee Sin, Kayle
  • Jungle – Elise, Kayle, Mundo, Maokai
  • Mid Lane – Ziggs, Nidalee, Karma
  • ADC – Caitlyn, Sivir, Ezreal
  • Support – Lulu, Morgana, Sona



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