AoE Comp

The AoE comp happens to be my personal favorite comp. It focuses mostly on champions that have very team fight oriented ults. This team will focus on securing objectives by forcing fights around dragon/baron and from there complete one of 2 goals:

  • Take the objective without harm, by scaring the other team with the possibility of losing a team fight
  • Secure the objective by first baiting the enemy to the objective, killing them upon arrival and then finishing the objective or the other way around.

Grouping together for objectives forces a reaction from the opposing team. Either they fight you for the objective, and in best case scenario you kill them, or they are forced away from the objective allowing your team easy global gold.

One of the nice things about the AoE team comps is how easy they make it to come back from losing games – as long as you can hold out to the mid-late game. Due to their ability to easily win team fights, teams with large amounts of AoE can obliterate the other team even when behind.


  • Easily wins team fights
  • Can come back from losing scenarios easily
  • Can take games very decisively
  • When ahead makes it hard for the opponents to make a comeback
  • Very rewarding to watch the enemy team get blown up


  • Champions required for this comp are usually weaker in lane
  • You don’t have much without your ults
  • Requires communication and shot calling to know when and where to group
  • Hard to pull off in solo queue due to the amount of coordination needed

Example champions:

  • Top Lane – Malphite, Ryze, Annie, Renekton
  • Jungle – Wukong, Jarvan, Amumu, Hecarim
  • Mid Lane – Orianna, Ziggs, Lux, Lissandra
  • ADC – Ezreal, Draven, Ashe
  • Support – Lulu, Leona, Zyra

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