“Let’s Group” – Team Comps&Fighting

Team fights and team comps are actually somewhat conditional in games. Many solo queue-ers will argue that team fighting is not actually essential to winning games and that much of the time – especially in lower leagues- it doesn’t even happen. Well it’s hard to argue with that. Lower leagues are known for their lack of ability to group up as a team, however, what if you did? Would you know how to play your role properly? Team fights play a very important role in the game (In case you haven’t yet noticed this is a team game). Knowing what to do when your team groups is just as important as grouping with your team in the first place. Sometimes having a better team fight can completely turn the tide of the game even if you’re extremely behind.

Here we’ll take an in-depth look at the different types of team comps and how to execute them. We’ll also take a look at the job of each particular role, from ADC to AP Assassins, in each team fight.


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