Streams, Videos and Resources

Hey everyone!
Below is an ongoing compilation of helpful streamers on twitch, YouTube videos and any other links that I believe are beneficial to helping you improve!

Think you should be featured here? Have a useful resource? Send me an email with your information and I’ll check it out!

Twitch Streamers:

RelmX – A great teacher whose videos are aimed in helping you learn how to improve. He plays games and makes weird voices with his face!

> RelmX’s Twitch Stream <

All the people below are great resources to learn more about the game!

  • Foxdrop
  • GamingCurios
  • UNSW LoL Society * – Some of the information from these videos regarding specific champions. They’re still a great resource for mechanics though!
  • Ciderhelm * – Again, some outdated information. Still good for mechanics, though.

Other Resources:
Various resources of all types.


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