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Affordable Gaming Glasses

Hey everyone!
My friend recently got sponsored on his stream by ‘NoScope’ glasses. As a congratulations and as a way to help him out I’m making this post to let you guys know all about it.

You can see the awesome glasses here. These glasses reduce eye-strain from intense gaming sessions. As well as Improve contrast and clarity during computer usage. They’re lightweight, comfortable, durable, and waterproof.

If you want to help support him and his stream use the link above to get an affordable and functional pair of glasses. Also check out his stream here! He’s a great guy who’s willing to answer any game related questions you may have during his stream.

Congratulations again!

~University Dean


RP contest winner

It is with great pleasure and honor that I announce the winner of our art contest $25 RP giveaway: Niwanee!

I thought the splicity, thoughtfulness and attention to detail really fit well with the site.

Thanks for everyone who participated and congratulations to Niwanee for winning!

As always happy learning,
~University Dean

What’s coming for June

Hey happy learners!

As we get into June there’s a lot of things to do. The next article will be an in-depth look at team fighting. This was a highly requested topic and I think rightfully so. After that will probably be a prep guide for starting ranked. Any other ideas and recommendations are always welcome. Never be afraid to send a message if you have a question!

Also a heads up that the final submission deadline for the art contest is approaching quickly! No more submissions will be taken after 5/31/2014 at midnight.  I’ll then pick a winner on June 1st and s/he will be contacted by email that day. Thanks in advance for all the submissions, they looked fantastic!

Happy League-ing,
~University Dean

25$ RP Art competition

Hey everyone!

I’m looking for a banner for the website and regrettably I’m a pretty poor artist… But this makes a great opportunity for you guys to win 25$ Worth of RP ! Here’s how to play and win:

  • Make a piece of artwork that has the words “University of League” in it. Keep in mind this is a banner picture.
  • The size must be 1260 x 240. I won’t be considering artwork smaller or larger than this size.
  •  Submit your picture attached in an email to with the subject line “UoL Art competition” and your summoner name in the message.
  • You can submit it as a .png/.jpg/.jpeg
  • The winner will be picked in 30 days (I don’t want you feeling like you have to rush what you’re making. You’re busy, I’m busy, I understand you need time)
  • After I pick the winner I will send you a message with the code for 25$ in RP.

Disclaimer: Yes this site is self run and not amazingly huge but it is still a professional site. Please keep that in mind when submitting artwork. If there is no suitable work submitted I retain the right to not pick a winner. That’s really unlikely, but just keep it in mind before you submit something you didn’t really put effort into.


Have fun with it, good luck and hope to see you on the rift!

~University Dean