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Team comps out

Hey everyone!

So the page on team comps has officially been put out for hungry minds to absorb. I picked a few different types of team comps to explain and gave you the pros/cons and champions that I feel fit into these styles of plays. There’s tons of different types of team comps out there so never be afraid to try something new and different! As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to shoot me a message!

Soon the section will also add more in-depth descriptions for each role in a team fight scenario. Stay tuned!

~University Dean


What’s coming for June

Hey happy learners!

As we get into June there’s a lot of things to do. The next article will be an in-depth look at team fighting. This was a highly requested topic and I think rightfully so. After that will probably be a prep guide for starting ranked. Any other ideas and recommendations are always welcome. Never be afraid to send a message if you have a question!

Also a heads up that the final submission deadline for the art contest is approaching quickly! No more submissions will be taken after 5/31/2014 at midnight.  I’ll then pick a winner on June 1st and s/he will be contacted by email that day. Thanks in advance for all the submissions, they looked fantastic!

Happy League-ing,
~University Dean

Turrets and towers

So I’ve added a little section to Basics of Game play on turrets and towers. I figured they were pretty important to the overall game (seeing as you can’t actually win without taking them). I also noticed in a lot of beginner games that many people die to tower because they don’t know what they do exactly. If you want to read up a little on turrets and how they interact within the game check it out!

I’m still on schedule to release the other articles so don’t worry this won’t hold it up!

~University Dean

April – May Post Updates

Hey guys! I’m here to give you an update on what the schedule looks like as far as new articles go for the next few weeks.

I’m working on a guide for general mechanics at the moment. It’s going to be aimed at those approaching level 30 who have played some games and are ready to iron out some rough patches as well as learn what you can do to improve and make yourself better than you are.  This will include:

  • CSing
  • Warding
  • Basic Kiting
  • General lane management techniques
  • Overview of Runes and masteries

It’s a bit of writing but I hope to have all those out by the end of April.

After that I will probably start a ranked prep guide including Team fighting, team comps, split pushing and such things. Due to final exams that section unfortunately probably won’t be done til end of May- beginning of June.

As always though feel free to send me a request or any feedback via the contact form. Hope to see you guys around!
~University Dean