The Lanes and their roles

If you’ve looked at the map before you can tell that there are three different lanes and then a bunch of space in between them. These lanes are referred to as top, mid and bot.

Picture of lanes


As you can also see on the map there’s 2 sides, the blue side and purple side(sometimes referred to as the red side). Let’s take a look at who goes where and why.

In the current meta there’s 6 different roles to be filled: Tank, APC, ADC, Bruiser/fighter, support and assassin.

Starting from the beginning of the game the earliest global objective you’ll probably want to secure revolves around dragon. Of all the roles the ones who would have the most impact for dragon it would be your APC, your ADC and your support.

The APC has the highest early game damage and influence excluding the jungler. Therefore you’d want to put the APC in a position where they effect the whole map. This is the major reason why the APC is in mid lane. From mid you have equal access to ganking for top and bot. Also it is the shortest lane, so getting back to your lane after a gank isn’t as time consuming. Sometimes assassins can occupy mid lane too because they are so good at killing squishy mid laners.

So next is the support and the ADC. Because the adc is not at his,or her, strongest early game it is important the adc has a support to not only keep the adc safe but to make plays and feed kills to the adc. The support of course has many other roles but that will be described in depth later. The only other lane close to dragon is the bot lane, therefore it makes sense that you would put a lane of 2 people close to it. More people equals more pressure not to mention consistent dps from an adc as well as the play making from the support is essential.

So what is left? The jungle and the top lane. Let’s take a look at the jungle first. The jungle is most viable for champions with a little bit of tankiness and some sustain. Some assassins, such as Kha’Zix can be played in the jungle as well; it all depends on the kit of that champion. The jungler needs to be able to clear the monster camps without dying as well as move around the map and gank lanes. It is the junglers job to help snowball lanes. Keep in mind it is NOT the junglers job to win the lane for you but rather to provide pressure and help you get ahead. If you lose a lane horribly 1v1 (or 2v2 for bot) then that is your fault only. I cannot stress enough how important this is to keep in your mind. The only way to get better is to accept that you make mistakes. Unless you are getting camped by the opposing jungler while your jungler does nothing then it is your fault. Also keep in mind that the jungler might make the decision to snowball mid and bot rather than just helping top. You’re not always the all-star of the team. It might make more sense to help someone else. Keep this in mind before you yell “noob jungler no gank report” in chat.

Okay, now that that little part is taken care of let’s take a look at the actual jungle. The jungle contains 6 different camps, 2 of them being buffs. They are: Wight, Blue Golems, Wolves, Wraiths, Red Lizard, and small golems. Their positions on the map is shown in the picture below:

jungle camps


As you can see the camps are not symmetrical on either side, rather they are flipped. This allows for stealing opposing buffs or taking other camps, this is called counter jungling. Jungle patterns are different for every person and champion; so jungle patterns will be explained later. Also, keep in mind that you probably won’t have a jungler until level 20, so figure you’ll probably have 2 people top for now.

Now all that’s left is top lane and the only roles that are left are tank or bruiser. You can probably guess where this is going. Bruisers are meant to dive backlines and kill the opposing carries. They are made up of a combination between tank and damage. The tank’s job is to just soak up damage and depending on the team, either peel or head for the backline. Don’t worry if you’re confused about the backline/front line for now. Team fighting can get a little confusing and will be explained in much more depth later on. Bruisers and tanks have much more impact in the later game. That’s why they are placed top. They have little purpose to be securing dragons early game and are needed later, which is why top lane is considered the farm lane. Do not however devalue the importance of top lane! Top laners become incredibly important in team fights. They can dive and kill carries, they can peel for allies and they can soak up damage to keep the team alive. Just because they are more well equipped for late game does not in anyway mean you should ignore ganking for them or consider them useless.

Just as a side note, these lanes are based off the current META set up for now. Things may change but this is, for now at least, the standard gameplay. I am not saying you absolutely have to play this way because, yes, breaking the meta is fun to do. Just keep in mind when you want to start playing ranked games this is probably the way you want to go.





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