Status modifiers and CC

In the game there are a bunch of different types of CC, some more powerful than others and vary in duration and damage. The different types of CC are as follows: Stuns [suspension], snares/roots, silences, fear, flee, taunt, charm, knock-up, knock-back, pulls/flings, suppression, polymorph, entangle, blind and slow.
Let’s talk a look at them all carefully and how they affect you in game.

Stuns – Stuns are one of the most powerful types of CC. You are not able to move, auto attack or cast spells. It is useful for team fights, setting up ganks and getting quick and easy kills. [Suspension – For the purpose of Yasuo’s ultimate, Last Breath, enemies are considered airborne. However, for countering purpose suspension is considered a stun.]

Snares/roots – Snares will keep you held in place but you can still auto attack and use spells. However, you cannot use movement displacing spells while you are snared. Snares work a little oddly and have a different interaction with different movement spells. Champions with small dashes may get snared mid dash but will still finish the dash if it was cast before they got snared (Ex. Lucian’s E). There are other dashes that will be stopped mid dash (Ex. Vi Q). Each dash has a different reaction with snares as each dash has a different purpose.

Silence – Prevents you from casting any spells or items.

Flee –  You are not bound in place but you are unable to attack or control your character. Flee makes you run away from whoever used it on you, with reduced movement speed, making you run in a straight line back. It is not a large displacement but does have some funny effects. (Watch the video below for a funny example of how flee can stop a play. If you want you can watch the whole video or see the flee example at 5:15. In the video they say fear instead of flee see the note after fear for why.).

Fear Is comparable to flee. The difference is that fear will make you run away in random movements rather than a straight line back. **Note: Most people will confuse the mechanic of flee with fear because the mechanic of it was changed in a more recent patch. The only champion who has a real fear is volibear and it only affects minions. Champions who have a flee mechanic (regardless of whether or not the tool tip for the skill says fear) are Fiddlesticks, shaco, Nocturne and Hecarim. The two terms are pretty much interchangeable as the mechanic difference is so small **

Taunt – Taunt is somewhat the opposite of fear. Instead of making the enemy run away from you it makes them run towards you and attack you. They however can only auto attack and cannot cast spells. Taunts are therefore built on tanky champions so they can survive the adc auto attacking them while your team kills.

Charm – Movement reaction is the same as taunt however the opponent cannot attack at all. The only champion in game with a charm is Ahri. The tool tip reads charm to act like a taunt but it is slightly different.

Knock-ups can be very varied. They are one of the three types of CC’s that is not affected by tenacity. A knock-up will briefly send your champion in the air, making them unable to move or attack. Knock-ups are usually much briefer in terms of time that you will be unable to move, but they are very powerful to set up kills and team fights.

Knock-back is a displacement type of CC. Knock-backs do as they sound, they move your champion away from it’s current placement. Different knock-backs will send you back different distances but because it is based off of distance rather than time involved it cannot be reduced by tenacity.

Pull/fling – combination of displacement and inability to cast spells, attack or move.

Suppression is somewhat like a stun however in a sense both parties are stuck in the one action. The one who is suppressing as well as the one who is being suppressed cannot move. Because of the dual interaction suppression cannot be lowered by tenacity.

Polymorph – You still have the ability to move at a reduced speed, but cannot attack or cast abilities.

Entagle – You are rooted in place, cannot attack but have the ability to cast spells.

Blind – Only prevents you from auto attacking

Slow – Decreases movement speed

See the chart below for a simplified version of the above description:

For table purposes the following classifications have been made:


  • Knock-back
  • Knock-up
  • Pull/fling

Forced Action:

  • Taunt
  • Charm
  • Fear
  • Flee

X Means the respective action is blocked
MC = Mikael’s Crucible
Reduction is if tenacity can reduce the duration
Attacking is auto attacking while abilities are spells
Interrupt is if it can interrupt movement spells


* – Roots will stop movement abilities if they land before casting. Otherwise the cast will be finished.

The following are considered Hard CC:

  • Airborne
  • Forced Action
  • Stun
  • Suppression

The following are considered Soft CC:

  • Blind
  • Entangle
  • Polymorph
  • Root
  • Silence
  • Slow

Channeled abilities can be stopped by all types of hard CC as well as silence and polymorph.

The following champion abilities can prevent CC:

  • Master Yi’s Highlander (Ult) prevents all slows for 10 seconds
  • Poppy’s Diplomatic Immunity will prevent all forms of CC (and damage) except from a selected target.
  • Olaf’s Ragnarok removes and then continuously prevents CC for a duration
  • Morgana’s Black Shield prevents all forms of CC for a set duration OR until the shield is broken
  • Nocturne’s Shroud of Darkness will shield and absorb any 1 spell within 1.5 seconds
  • Sivir’s Spell Shield acts the same as Nocturne’s Shroud of Darkness

While the following champions can only remove CC:

  • Alistar’s unbreakable will
  • Gangplank’s Remove Scurvy
  • Evenlynn’s Dark Frenzy (only removes slows)
  • Garen’s Decisive Strike (only removes slows)
  • Lucian’s Relentless Pursuit (only removes slows)
  • Sejuani’s Frost Armor reduces the strength of slows per skill level (it does not remove nor prevent slows)

The following champion abilities provide built in tenacity:

  • Mundo’s Burning Agony
  • Garen’s Courage
  • Irelia’s Ionian Fervor

The following items/summoner spells/masteries can either prevent, remove or reduce CC:

  • Cleanse – Removes all CC except surpression
  • Mercurial Scimitar: Upgrades from QSS
  • Mikael’s Crucible: can remove specified CC (refer to chart) from yourself or ally
  • Banshee’s Veil: Prevents 1 spell every 25 seconds
  • Tenacious (mastery) – reduces CC by 15%
  • Boots of swiftness – reduces the strength of slows by 25%
  • Mercury treads – provides 35% tenacity
  • Zephyr – Provides 35% Tenacity


– Irelia has the highest theoretical continuous form of crowd control reduction at 66.85% with 3 nearby foes, tenacity and the tenacious mastery.
– Tryndamere is the only champion in game that can activate an ability while disabled even though it doesn’t remove the disable.
– Sona’s ult Crescendo stuns the enemies but also makes them dance!



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