Top Lane

Alright top lane is rather straight forward let’s dive right into our nice map of stars.

early game wards_top

So as usual the yellow stars are just great spots to have warded. There’s not much further explanation to tell you about them. They give you great vision of any gank unless it’s through the lane. If you really feel worried about getting lane ganked(i.e you’re shoved under tower, or someone has been MIA for awhile) Just place a ward in a bush. Generally the one farthest away from your side so you have the most time to run away.

The blue/purple stars are if you are pushing up really far on either side. Those are spaces you should have warded for each respective side. On the blue side you don’t need to have every single star warded but pick a spot or two depending on where you think you’ll be pushing to and where you think the enemy may come from.

The black star can be a replacement for the river bush ward if you choose. It gives you more notice from farther down the lane but if your map awareness isn’t stellar you may not¬†notice someone running through there.


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