Mid Lane

Warding in mid lane is much more straight forward than bot lane because you don’t have to worry about lane bushes, however, you do have to worry about the fact that there are two entrances into your lane.

First let’s take a look at the spots you want to keep in mind:

early game wards_mid

Alright this may look like you’re warding half the map but these wards are situation based so let’s break it down.

Yellow stars are extremely common and effective warding spaces Orange stars are for blue protection on their respective sides Blue/purple stars are offensive for their indicated side
The lonely black star is a special little trick ward

Let’s talk about yellow first.
When you first get into lane you’ll probably only have 1 ward from your trinket, this means you’ll want to think carefully about where you put your ward. Think about where the opposing jungler may come from first. If they started red they’ll probably try and come at you from the bottom side  of the lane. If they started blue they’ll most likely come at you from the top side of lane. This is of course assuming that you get ganked very early. Where ever you decide to put your ward try to stay closer to that side of the lane. If you play on the side of the lane opposite of where you placed your ward you are just as likely to get ganked as if you placed no ward.

Now for orange:
If you’re getting blue buff from your jungler or you feel as if your blue buff might get stolen from the opposing jungler these aren’t bad spots for you, or your jungler, to ward. It can also be a defensive ward because it gives you notice from farther away. Just be careful you don’t get too tunnel visioned and you remember to look at your mini map.

The black star:
I marked this place on the map for a special reason. When pushing far up your lane from the blue side this area is not covered by any other ward (even the yellow ones), making it very easy for junglers or even the bot lane to run through here and get you. You can also cover this spot if you have the appropriate orange star warded and you notice them running through. It’s an easy spot to get snuck up on from, so keep an eye out!
*The equivalent spot on the purple side ( diagonally across the lane) is not as large a threat because it is less likely you will be ambushed by another lane. However, it is still possible that a really far ahead top laner or good jungler may come through there. Just remember to always keep checking your mini map for other lanes being MIA.


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