Bottom Lane

For the most part in laning phase it is the support’s job to take care of the wards around bot lane. This is so that the adc can focus on their CS. It is however a good idea for the adc to use their trinket ward to ward the appropriate lane bush because the support cannot put down enough wards early on.

Bush control in bottom lane:
One very crucial topic to address for warding in bot lane is the importance of bush control. Bushes are often under appreciated in lower level games. Breaking vision by moving in and out of bushes can break spell animations, stop yourself from being auto attacked, and turn the tides of fights. In the current meta most supports will take a warding trinket along with an additional green ward to complement their starting items.

So what does this mean for bush control? Well this means you are favoring having some vision over the other team having none, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It is important to note that because you can only place one pink ward down, once you get a sight stone (which every support should do) you should be trading in your warding trinket for a sweeper.  This will enable you to more effectively clear out wards at important times and locations.

Let’s take a look at some good warding spots in bot lane

early game wards_bot

Yellow Stars are essential spots for both lanes
Blue Stars are essential spots for blue side and lesser importance for purple
Purple Stars are essential spots for purple side and lesser importance for blue side

Now while a lot of people will probably, and reasonably argue that the tri-bush (where the blue star is) is extremely important for both sides, I wanted to stress a certain point. Many times blue side will push up their lane and get ganked through their own tri-bush. That bush is an extremely vulnerable spot. Many times junglers will find a way to run behind you through that bush, so keep an eye out!
As for the purple side, I starred the river bush because you are more vulnerable from the river if you’re not pushing up too far (i.e you’re not on the blue side tower). It is never a bad idea to have both the tri and river bush warded, however think about your positioning in lane before warding one. Remember you only get three wards as a support, plus most likely only one from your adc’s trinket, use them wisely!

Extra things to keep in mind: If you’re on the purple side keep in mind your tri bush is right behind your tower. If you’re low on health and you want to stay in lane keep in mind that you can easily get dove from behind. Try warding here if you feel your jungler has little map control, or you know you might get dove.


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