One of the most unappreciated tactics in league, especially in lower divisions, is the concept of warding. Wards grant vision around the map within a certain radius. This means you can plan ganks as well as keep yourself safe from any enemy ganks. Every lane and every team member should be warding; this is especially crucial since you are only allowed to place down 3 green wards and 1 pink ward per person.

First off let’s look at the different types of wards

– Stealth wards: These are the ‘green wards’. 1 second after being placed down they remain invisible to the enemy team for 3 minutes or until they are auto attacked 3 times and destroyed. They grant 30 gold when killed. Wards can have ‘assist killers’. If anyone on your team reveals the ward but someone else destroys it the gold will be split 50/50
– Vision wards: These are known as pink wards. They will remain on the map until they take 5 damage from auto attacks. They grant 30 gold to whoever deals the last hit

The ward from the warding totem gives only 10 gold.
When placing the ward your indicator will turn green when in a bush and blue when not in a bush.

Also as a general notice take a look at these cool warding tricks you can do over walls!

If you haven’t seen Scarra doing the “Scarra ward” himself check out this funny video:

Since there ended up being a fairly large amount of information to share I decided to break up this section into a few subsections. Go ahead and check them out!


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