Runes/Masteries Overview

So I did say I wasn’t going to do a dedicated rune/mastery page to specific champions, but I did want to give just a very brief overview of the different runes and the 3 mastery trees just so you know what you’re dealing with.


There’s three tiers of runes and you can only buy certain tier runes at certain levels. For this reason it is recommended that you not buy runes until level 20. The lower tier runes give little bonuses and considering most people would rather buy champions than runes early on you’re not missing out on anything. You’re given 2 free rune pages. Due to the fact that you cannot change your rune pages during champion select, it is recommended to make a standard AP and AD rune page. Once you get more pages you can start getting very specific with your pages.  For example, if you main mid you may make pages that branch out from the standard AP page. You could have pages for mana regen, CDR, a lot of armor, etc. Customizing rune pages comes especially handy in ranked games when you have some idea of who you may be laning against.

Making a rune page is very costly IP wise. Try doing your best to save up IP from at least level 20, or even earlier. It’s understandable that you want to get champions with your ip. However, the runes are very worth it.

There are many standard and recommended rune pages out there, but don’t be afraid to try something out for yourself!


The max amount of mastery points you can have is 30, meaning you get 1 mastery point per level. There’s 3 trees in the mastery system. From left to right they are: Offense, defense and utility. Each tree gives a different type of bonus according to their name and can have anywhere from 0-30 points in one tree. You can make any amount of mastery pages up to 20. They’re all free and cost no IP or RP or anything at all. Many standard mastery pages will focus 21 points into one category (this is the lowest number to get the final bonus in each tree) and then 9 in a secondary category. This of course can change based on many different things; the champion, the matchup, the lane, etc. Unlike rune pages, mastery pages can be changed during champion select. So you can just have 1 mastery page that you consistently change if you desire. However, I don’t recommend that especially for newer people just getting used to the different masteries.

Check out Phreak’s runes/masteries video for an indepth look at what you should use


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