Morellonomicon Vs. Athene’s Unholy Grail Vs. Tear

With the item changes in Season 5, it may get a little confusing as to what is best to buy. While there wasn’t a huge overhaul (except jungle items) like we’ve seen in the past, one big change has been the nerfs to Athene’s Unholy Grail. Previously a very staple item in AP champion builds, the item has seen a fall off as of late and there’s been an increase in early purchase of the Morellonomicon, or a Tear of the Goddess for a Seraph’s embrace. So┬ánow what should you be buying? When?

Somewhat unfortunately, tear is still a pretty niche pick. It’s still very necessary for champions that deal more damage over time than in burst such as Cassiopeia. However, if you find yourself immobile against a very AD team, consider buying a tear for seraph’s embrace early. This is still going to have to be an early decision because you’ll need time to stack it.

The real interesting difference is with the increase in popularity of Morellonomicon. If you’ve read the old AP Carry team fighting article, Morellonomicon was previously listed as a less common item. However, now it is in fact very staple to many AP builds. Morellonomicon, especially with the increase in gold for Athene’s becomes a much more efficient item if you didn’t need the magic resist that Athene’s supplied and if you’re not so spam heavy on your mana.

Let’s take a look at the stat brake downs. Morellonomicon gives 80 AP, 20% Cooldown reduction, and 100% base mana regen, along with it’s unique passive that reduces healing below 40% health. Morellonomicon costs only 2100 gold. Making it easy to buy early. On the other hand, Athene’s supplies just 60 AP, 25 Magic Resist, 50% base mana regen, 20% cooldown reduction and it’s two unique passive: one that restores mana on kill or assist and the other that restores 2% of mana every 5 seconds. As you can see the offensive power of Athene’s is supposed to be somewhat balanced with it’s great mana source. But Athene’s also costs 600 more gold. Put in perspective that’s very roughly 30 creeps, or 2 kills assuming each kill is still at max value. That’s quite a large amount of gold if you really don’t need all that mana regen.

It can be interesting how the rise and fall of certain items depend largely on each other. Next time you’re in the shop, think about pulling out a book and giving the old Morellonomicon a spin. You may just find you really like it!

Happy New Year everyone!
~University Dean