Getting the most out of your Duo Queue

Duo Queue, a term commonly used for people who queue together for a ranked game, can be a great way to grind through all those ranked games without having to do it alone. Communication is such a large part of the game that playing with a partner can give you a great advantage. However, playing certain roles together can be more beneficial than others. Let’s take a look at the 3 best combination positions to help you get the most out of your Duo Queue.

1. ADC/Support
This one is fairly intuitive. In a lane where the two players have to communicate their every move for ultimate success, what better way to know what the other wants to do than pure communication and the added benefit of knowing each other? With the advantage in communication you can agree on dives, warding, trading and when to go back to base.

2. Jungle/Mid
The jungle and mid laner actually work in tandem a lot. Ganking mid lane, and consequently snowballing your mid laner, is not just a moral boost for your team. Fed mid laners can roam and help snowball other lanes as well as making invades scary for the enemy. Additionally, having communication with your mid lane can help you invade the enemy jungle. Having the mid lane on the same page as you when invading can make for successful buff/camp steals and maybe even a clean first blood.

3. Jungle/Top
This goes along with the same principle as jungle/mid. You have more jungle pressure with help from your top lane, and considering top is the easiest lane to gank you can get your top snowballing easily. Top lane can also roam, especially if they have teleport, meaning they can help mid lane and aid at dragon fights while using teleport to get back to their lane without losing a tower or too much cs.

All of these different position combinations can make for a more successful duo queue if you just remember to discuss your plans and talk with your team. That means this all only works if you communicate – keep that in mind no matter who you play with or what you play. Communication is key, and constructive, positive communication can translate to a satisfying victory for you and your team.