Practice Makes Permanent

In a game of mechanics, skill and knowledge reading and watching won’t get you where you want to be automatically. It takes dedication and practice to become one of the best; this applies to everything, not just League. However, practice doesn’t make perfect – as the cliche phrase usually states – it only makes whatever you’re practicing permanent. Meaning if you practice with a bad habit, that bad habit will stick instead of you getting better.

The question is, what is a bad practicing habit in League? What inhibits progress? It’s clearly not like a physical sport where you could have an obvious form, or other, problem. There are some basic things that will really help you improve your game overall, but that you don’t want to practice incorrectly.

1. Play with an unlocked camera

You can unlock your camera by pressing “Y” and refocus your camera to center on your champion with the spacebar. Playing with an unlocked camera grants you the ability to look around the map and increase your map awareness. However, a bad habit you can fall into is not focusing enough on your lane. Tunnel visioning is a nasty habit, but so is not paying enough attention. Learn to keep a steady balance.

2. Play aggressive… at the right times

A major part of becoming skilled at League is being able to capitalize on mistakes. However, if you play too aggressive in looking for mistakes you’re going to be caught in a bad spot yourself. Watch your positioning!

3. Decision Making

Decision making is arguably one of the hardest things to do in a game. The act of decision making, usually made by one or two people on the team who are called the “shot callers”, is all about about what to do next. Mastering laning phase isn’t even half the battle. Deciding what to do after lane takes a lot (and I mean a lot) of practice. Knowing what does and doesn’t work at certain times in the game can only come with experience. It’s also important in this to learn how to communicate with your team. No one wants to follow someone who’s yelling at them.



How streams/videos can help you improve

It’s often underrated the amount that watching good streams and videos about league can help you improve. When looking for a streamer to watch or learn from it’s important to remember that just because they’re popular does not mean they’re good teachers. Most of the popular streamers do play well, but they don’t always interact with their viewers and try to answer game related questions. Here’s a few things to look out for when trying to pick a good streamer: 

  • Does your voice get lost in the crowd? 
    This basically means do you feel like you have a chance to be heard by the streamer? Some popular streamers often have so many people typing in the chat box that they may never even see your question, let alone be able to answer it.
  • Does s/he seem like a toxic player?
    Just because they’re good at the game does not mean they’re fit to be a teacher. Players who are toxic to their teammates generally aren’t open to answering a lot of questions (especially if they’re not doing well)
  • Do they seem friendly and knowledgeable? 
    There’s plenty of people who are good. However, not everyone is great at expressing that information. Some people, hate to say it, just have more natural mechanics over others. If they are that type of person then you might want to find someone who can explain in depth topics a little better. 
  • Are they willing to answer questions?
    This one is probably rather obvious. Of course the streamer has to be willing and able to answer the questions of their viewers. Some streamers don’t talk, some comment a lot in their games but not towards the viewers. Find someone with a good balance.

Of course as a University we try to supply you with resources beyond reading! Check out our streams and videos page to find some University approved streamers that are sure to help you improve even more than you thought was possible!

Happy Learning,

~University Dean