Welcome Back to School!

Here at the University of League we want everyone who comes by to be interested in learning more about League of Legends and be able to do so in a friendly environment. However, we also understand the importance of a well rounded education. With the return of many to their primary sources of real life education, I figured, as a Dean myself, it may be useful to talk a little bit about how you can keep a healthy amount of League in your schedule without forgetting your other homework and/or required activities. 

1. It’s okay to relax after school. 

Some people prefer to distress after a long day of classes; others prefer to get all their work and homework done in one big sweep and get it over with. It’s okay if you want to take a small break right after class. Sit down and play for an hour (1-2 games) and afterwards get straight to working on your homework. If you feel stressed about the amount of homework you have, or it just feels like you have a lot to do, consider starting your homework first and then playing a game after your work.

2. Schedule out your work and activities

Many people don’t just do school and school work, many have extracurricular work and other activities they’ll do throughout the day. If you’re someone who does a lot of different activities keep a schedule, either online or a physical copy, that list when you will do certain things. Just because League is a video game does not mean it isn’t a good activity! If you make time for it it can definitely find time for a fun activity to relax you in the day. If you do choose this then you have to remember to follow your schedule – straying from the schedule can mean not getting important things done. 

3. Remember to keep calm and carry (on) 

If you’ve had a bad day of school, work or just in general it’s important to not take it out on your game. Likewise if you have a bad game, don’t take it out on your life. Keep in mind at the end of each game that, unless you plan on going LCS Pro soon, this is just a game. It’s meant to be fun not stressful. Don’t let a bad game ruin your mood. Keeping a cool head is actually a useful skill not just for games, but for real life.

4. Remember the time it takes to play a game

Games are generally 30-45 minutes long. Remember though, that the game isn’t even the whole part of the game. You need to go through lobby, queue-ing, champ select and loading all before even getting to the game. If you’re worried if you have time to play through one last game, you probably don’t have enough time. If it’s between rushing to squeeze in one last game or getting to bed on time just get ready for bed early. Rushing a game can make it more stressful than it actually is. Also if you’re in a situation where other people have some pull over your schedule (i.e parents) then you might be faced with having to abandon the game you’re in. Normals or ranked, no one likes people to AFK in their game. 


The Hyper Carries Rise

With late game hyper carries on the rise again it seems like a good idea to talk about this evolving meta and why it has happened. Often times the meta will suddenly shift from certain champions to others and people question why. For those who’d like to know, here’s a brief description.

The first and foremost cause of the hyper carries rising happened with the release of patch 4.10. In that patch Riot released a new AD item, buffed some numbers on some old items, reworked others and nerfed Randuin’s Omen.

Because bruisers were so strong people felt protecting the ADC was not nearly as efficient. Simply, the bruiser could do everything that an ADC might want to do, except just plain better. Since bruisers generally also build some tank it meant that they would be tanky enough to survive on their own and deal enough damage to take out teams as well. There was simply little for the ADCs to do against them. As a result, late game carries, such as Jinx, Tristana, Vayne all fell out of favor. This called for the very small pool of ADCs that could do well early game so they wouldn’t get completely crushed by a bruiser come mid – late game.

Now that ADCs are buffed they’re much more worth protecting. For ADC players this just usually means a switch in champions. ADCs such as Jinx, Tristana, Kog’Maw have become more popular in the meta. So what does this mean for the rest of the lanes? In an ADC-centric meta it usually forces the mid laners to become more farm heavy, long range champions, such as Xerath, Ziggs, and Orianna, who will be more useful in the late game than other APCs. For the top lane it means more supportive style laners such as Gragas and Lulu who can help keep the ADC alive. If you watch the LCS you can see this strategy tried and true – for NA at the very least.

It is of course not necessary for you to follow this system of play, but if you were curious as to why these styles develop hopefully this helped you understand it a little more!

~University Dean