Affordable Gaming Glasses

Hey everyone!
My friend recently got sponsored on his stream by ‘NoScope’ glasses. As a congratulations and as a way to help him out I’m making this post to let you guys know all about it.

You can see the awesome glasses here. These glasses reduce eye-strain from intense gaming sessions. As well as Improve contrast and clarity during computer usage. They’re lightweight, comfortable, durable, and waterproof.

If you want to help support him and his stream use the link above to get an affordable and functional pair of glasses. Also check out his stream here! He’s a great guy who’s willing to answer any game related questions you may have during his stream.

Congratulations again!

~University Dean


Summoner’s rift VU

For everyone who doesn’t follow Riot’s posts closely, Riot has just announced a visual update to the summoner’s rift map!

It looks pretty awesome in my opinion. To read more on it, and watch the official riot released video go here.

While it looks pretty nice I can’t help but think we’re losing some of the cartoonish feel from old league of legends. It seems like we have a reincarnated DoTA2 map to me. I also can’t help but think how many more people will be having problems running the new graphics. Nevertheless, the map looks great! Definitely a well needed and deserved update to our faithful map.

Riot says there will be no changes to how the map interacts in game. That means there should be no differences in spawn timers, flashing walls, minion wave times, etc. It’s purely for aesthetic appeal. This is due to roll out to PBE soon so we probably still have a little while til it hits live.

Kudos to Riot!
~University Dean

Team comps out

Hey everyone!

So the page on team comps has officially been put out for hungry minds to absorb. I picked a few different types of team comps to explain and gave you the pros/cons and champions that I feel fit into these styles of plays. There’s tons of different types of team comps out there so never be afraid to try something new and different! As always if you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to shoot me a message!

Soon the section will also add more in-depth descriptions for each role in a team fight scenario. Stay tuned!

~University Dean