25$ RP Art competition

Hey everyone!

I’m looking for a banner for the website and regrettably I’m a pretty poor artist… But this makes a great opportunity for you guys to win 25$ Worth of RP ! Here’s how to play and win:

  • Make a piece of artwork that has the words “University of League” in it. Keep in mind this is a banner picture.
  • The size must be 1260 x 240. I won’t be considering artwork smaller or larger than this size.
  •  Submit your picture attached in an email to Universityofleague@gmail.com with the subject line “UoL Art competition” and your summoner name in the message.
  • You can submit it as a .png/.jpg/.jpeg
  • The winner will be picked in 30 days (I don’t want you feeling like you have to rush what you’re making. You’re busy, I’m busy, I understand you need time)
  • After I pick the winner I will send you a message with the code for 25$ in RP.

Disclaimer: Yes this site is self run and not amazingly huge but it is still a professional site. Please keep that in mind when submitting artwork. If there is no suitable work submitted I retain the right to not pick a winner. That’s really unlikely, but just keep it in mind before you submit something you didn’t really put effort into.


Have fun with it, good luck and hope to see you on the rift!

~University Dean


3 thoughts on “25$ RP Art competition”

    1. You may submit more than once but only one submission will be considered per person. I’ll use the most recent submission that I received. However, try not to spam a lot of different submissions. Re-submission is only if you feel you have improved upon your last submission and would like a different one considered.

      Also yes digital art is preferred. However, if you do feel very comfortable in making something smooth that can also be scanned in well to the computer I won’t off the bat deny other types of art.

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